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Quick Louisiana Estate Lawyer Advertising Facts:

Louisiana has over 4,625,000 residents 1 and approximately 18,528 resident and active attorneys 2 in practice.  That is one attorney for every 250 residents!  Competition is fierce and you need a competitive edge.  The internet has changed how prospective clients find lawyers with nearly one-half (1/2) of all persons using interactive sites according to recent ABA polling.3 That same ABA poll found fewer and fewer people using the Yellow Pages and similar print advertising.  In a recent study LexisNexis and Martindale-Hubbell found that 76% of consumers use the internet to search for an attorney.4

Setting yourself apart:

Having an effective online presence is imperative to market your legal practice.  A business website is a must, but unless prospective clients can find your site it is ineffective.  Hundreds of legal advertising and legal directories exist that promise clients.  A few are effective, while most are not worth the time and expense.  LouisianaEstateLawyers.com sets itself apart with local marketing to Louisiana residents and focuses on only estate planning and probate law.  Prospective clients visiting this site usually have a specific and immediate need for legal advice and attorney services. 

Why Louisiana Estate Lawyers?
  • Local Advertising - We focus only on the State of Louisiana with search capabilities by name, city and zip code.
  • Targeted - Only Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts, Probate and Succession issues are focused on, not the numerous areas of practice demanding other legal services.  Persons visiting our website are highly likely to have a specific need for an attorney and one that is more immediate.
  • Effective - We make sure you are found by our visitors. Unlike other sites, a search for an attorney in your local area will not bring up an attorney in another area of the state. For example, a search of many similar sites for a Lafayette Estate Planning lawyer will bring up numerous attorneys located in areas other than Lafayette.  To add insult to injury, a Baton Rouge attorney may have his or her practice listed ahead of you.  We strive to assure this does not happen on LouisianaEstateLawyers.com.
  • Professional - We make every effort to maintain a professional atmosphere that is respectful to visitors and advertisers alike.
  • Affordable - Compare the monthly cost of advertising with your other options and you will see that we are an excellent choice.  A phone book listing with the hundreds of other attorneys is arguably of little value unless large expensive ads are taken out. Many other websites and print media make costly advertising readily available, but in order to be seen you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.
Our Unique Rules

 We have self imposed rules to which we adhere in order to provide our visitors and our advertisers with the best opportunity for successful legal relationships. These requirements may change as adjustments always must be made to strive for the correct balance, but as of this writing the following rules (in addition to our terms of use) will apply in our quest to reach a win-win situation for our visitors and advertisers.

  • By registering Attorneys certify that they devote a reasonable portion of their practice to Estate Planning and Successions and/or Retirement Planning.
  • The maximum attorney to resident advertising ratio on a statewide basis for our Louisiana Estate Lawyers website will be one lawyer for every 15,000 residents!  See how this compares to one lawyer for every 250 residents in the state. 
  • Every attempt will be made to assure that advertising lawyers maintain a physical presence in the locations in which they advertise. For purposes of clarity onl and by way of example, a Baton Rouge attorney with his physical location only in Baton Rouge will  not be allowed to advertise in New Orleans.
  • Law firm advertisements may not be accepted, all at the discretion of the site and its administrator, employees and others.  We want to assure that everyone is on a level playing field to the maximum extent possible.  Individual attorneys in law firms will be allowed to advertise. Law firms may be allowed to advertise, in the sole opinion and discretion of the site owner doing so does not hinder the goals set.  For example, a 4 person firm with a practice that is almost exclusively in Estate Planning, Successions, Elder Law etc. may be allowed to list as a firm, rather than individuals where all practice within this area of law. See additional advertising terms and conditions.

In conclusion, we will be the go to site for Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts and Probate in the State of Louisiana.  Become a part of this unique opportunity.  Only a limited numbers of attorneys in each geographical area will be accepted to assure that we live within our guidelines.  Our reputation for effective advertising is our primary goal even if it requires that we turn away advertisers in order to achieve that goal.

Louisiana Cities and Towns

Our directory listings can be searched by location, including by city, town or zip code or by estate planning attorney, probate attorney or financial planner name.  If you wish to list in an area not already served, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (985) 845-3414.  Major cities in Louisiana for which lawyers and financial pros are listed include New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Baton Rouge, Hammond, Ponchatoula, Shreveport, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Alexandria, Natchitoches, Monroe, Houma, New Iberia, Opelousas and many other areas.  So search for the right estate planning or succession lawyer now.  We also have a search for financial planning and insurance professionals.

For other advertising criteria see Our Advertising Terms and Conditions.

For our advertising rates and specials see our available Advertising Packages. We can be reached by e-mail on the contact page or call at 504-450-0966.


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